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Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Applications for Brand Ambassadors are now closed


(It’s not all free stuff and an easy ride!)

Please carefully consider the following information before applying.

Our Brand Ambassador (BA) team are an important form of advertising for us, never more so than on Social Media. Therefore, the media content they promote for us is very important. 

We would expect a minimum of one dedicated post every week, and other mentions where appropriate (via comments on groups, people asking about recommendations etc). 

So, when working with us we ask for something we call ‘dedicated’ posts.
A dedicated post is a post (on Facebook or Instagram) where we ask that;

  • An item from our product range is shown as the main feature in the post image. The picture must be of good quality, and clearly show off the item.
  • In the caption, Premier Performance CZ must be clearly mentioned and tagged.  
  • Where items are gifted, BA’s also must ensure they include the necessary hashtags. (More info on this if successful).

We recognise this is going to take time and creative thinking so in exchange we’ll provide some great gifts such as clothing bundles, free or heavily discounted products and a personalised supplement support plan.

We’re a very passionate team here and as such look to our BA’s to support our brand too (though don’t worry if you don’t eat, sleep and breath the products like we do!), who will happily shout about Premier Performance CZ, to whoever’s listening – whenever possible!  Your enthusiasm and effort towards the brand is above all else, what we’re looking for and we reward that commitment.


  1. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Share the Ambassador Search post to your story, grid or page
  3. Tag a minimum of three equestrian friends in the post comments.
  4. Have a go at posting your own ‘dedicated’ post, involving you & your horse to your grid or page. (*Extra brownie points if you feature your favourite item of Premier Performance CZ Products!) Your post doesn’t need to be a ‘why I want to be a BA speech’, let the image or video show us your creative side and your personality.
  5. Your post can either be a photo or video but you must:
    • Tag us (@premierperformancecz)
    • Include the hashtag:   #premierperformanceczBAsearch  – this is important as we will look through the hashtag search results when choosing a winner.

Once you have entered, we will like or comment on your post to indicate we have seen it, and you will be considered when entries close. We will announce successful applicants on our pages. We will never contact you asking you to click any links or provide personal details (beware scam impersonators!)


Any applications sent in any other way will not be considered. 


Entries close on 5th February 2021, and winners to be announced end February 2021.


Good luck!!

Applications for Brand Ambassadors are now closed