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Olivia Towers

Before Olivia could even walk she was riding and her passion for Dressage started around the age of 13. Olivia has represented Team GB in Juniors and Young Riders.

Olivia has been lucky enough to train with Charlotte Dujardin for almost 3 years before she met her current trainer David Pincus. David has had and continues to have, a huge impact on her knowledge and understanding of training horses.

Olivia is a very successful rider, trainer & coach passionate about inspiring people to improve a positive mindset, self-belief and confidence

Libby is Olivia’s lovely mum. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the care of the horses especially with feeding and any veterinary issues.

Libby is also a very good rider and trainer, having trained many horses up the levels in dressage.

Libby’s feedback about the Premier Performance CZ products:

When I first spoke to Camilla about Eagle he was in a poor condition. However, after 5 weeks you would not ever have known. His weight, top line and temperament changed. He eats all his hard feed and treble the amount of hay. He is now out competing at Inter 1.

We were so impressed with the products that we have put Wilf on it and he is much happier and less likely to blow up at shows. We have never ever witnessed a product like it before and we highly recommend the Premier Performance CZ product range.

Tammy Ruffles

Tammy Ruffles is a Dressage rider, teacher and trainer who is very well respected throughout the equestrian world for her skill and dedication to her craft.

Tammy runs and owns Sandale Livery, training and rehabilitation yard in Suffolk and have ridden to Inter 1 and competed and trained many horses up the levels.

Tammy feedback about the Premier Performance CZ S-Itch Free:

I was so amazed when I tried the S-Itch Free product on my young four year old mare, she has really delicate skin but after using the S-Itch Free she is so much happier in her own skin. Woodlander Wild Honey has been backed and is in light work, she went to the Futurity show as a two year old, got Higher First Premium and was only 0.5 away from Elite. This young mare can now carry on her career feeling so much more content in her own skin thanks to the Premier Performance CZ S-Itch Free product.
I would highly recommend this product, as we know a happy horse means a happy rider.

John & Bryony Crippen

John and Bryony Crippen are showjumpers based in Buckinghamshire producing horses from 3 years to Grand Prix Level with their relaxed but professional approach to the horses. John and Bryony have both ridden all their lives.

Both competed at all the big venues including Hickstead, Royal Windsor, HOYS and Olympia with great success.

John and Bryony also compete at the big county shows up and down the country through the summer and across Europe having traveling as far as Spain and Portugal.