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The main difference between Calming Powder and Premier Calm is that the calming powder contains Soya Flour and the Premier Calm contains Chia Seeds instead of Soya Flour.  Some of our customers find that the premier Calm works better for their horses as it doesn’t contain Soya Flour.

Yes, however Calming Powder has more consistent and predictable effects when it is fed over a continuous period. For a horse exhibiting difficult behaviours the effects of the Calming Powder can take a few days to stabilise.

The suitable amount to feed can depend on the individual horse, as each horse metabolises differently and carries different levels of existing serotonin and we do recommend the loading dose of 5 days.

Yes, all our Calming Powders are suitable for horses with, or prone to, ulcers though you may wish to consider Premier Calm specifically as it contains Chia Seeds.
Chia seeds have many nutritional benefits and in terms of gut problems, contain mucilages which form a gel to help protect the gut (in particular the stomach)

You can read more about feeding and ulcers in our article Understanding your Horse’s Gastric Health

Both the Calming Powder and the Premier Calm are suitable for horses with laminitis or have a history of laminitis.

You can read more about feeding and laminitis in our article Equine Nutrition & Laminitis

Yes, you can feed calming cookies to your pregnant mare.  All of the ingredients in the Calming Cookies are absolutely fine for mares at all stages of pregnancy.

Most foals begin to nibble or forage and pasture from around 2 weeks of age and if the mare is fed they will also begin to eat a little of her feed as well. If your foal is eating small amounts of food then it is fine for you to offer a calming cookie or to add the calming powder to a small amount of food that the foal has been used to eating.

The Calming Powder and Calming Cookies have been designed to be fed in conjunction if needed.  We advise that you begin feeding these products at the lower levels and increase them if needed until your horse’s behaviour has settled.

If you feed the full dose of both products, this will not have any detrimental effects on your horse’s health.

All horses are individuals that have developed their own taste preferences.

You can read more about horse flavour preferences in our article Does your horse have a favourite flavour?

All horses are individuals, we advise that you try the Calming Cookies on your horse to determine if they work for your horse.  We know from so many of our customers that our Calming Cookies have transformed their horse’s behaviour, making them less anxious, excitable and spooky and more calm, confident and trainable.

If your horse is sensitive to molasses why not try one of our powder forms instead?

Yes, the yeast in the Gut Ease Cookies can help maintain a healthy gastric environment by helping to maintain the pH in the non-glandular region (upper part) of the horse’s stomach.

The main difference between the Gut Ease Cookies and Gastro Premier is that the Gut Ease Cookies contain yeast, whilst the Gastro Premier contains other ingredients to support gut health including lecithin and apple pectin, which are both known to help maintain gastric health.  The yeast in Gut Ease Cookies help maintain gut health by supporting the important microbial populations present in your horse’s gastrointestinal tract. You can read more about our Gut Ease Cookies here.

GastroPremier contains a range of high grade, FEMAS sourced, quality ingredients that are known to support gastric health in horses, all the ingredients in this product contribute to helping maintain a healthy stomach in your horse. Some other, less expensive, products on the market contain lower levels of active ingredients compared to GastroPremier and as such are less effective in supporting gut health. We also do not use synthetic vitamins; all our ingredients are pure and are not genetically modified. GastroPremier does not contain any bulking agents or fillers meaning each ingredient has a targeted and specific purpose to maintain a healthy gastric system.

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