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Miri Hackett

Originally from a show jumping background, Miri has developed a step-by-step approach to training horses. She believes that every horse has a different rate of learning, and therefore there is a need to understand each horse’s individual path – ”you can’t train every horse from the same textbook’
Miri says, of the Premier Performance products:
Sassy Mare Plus has completely transformed the life of one of my mares who spent her whole life on Regumate before I bought her. It allows me to feed a nonchemical supplement to support my mare’s complicated hormones rather than try and stop her from cycling which is very important to me.
I have also had the most wonderful results with the Gastro Premier, the most powerful gut supplement on the market (in my opinion!), Hoof Growth, which has transformed my thoroughbreds’ poor quality hooves, and of course the legendary Calming Cookies are so handy and a must have on my yard for those moments when we know our horses are going to need a little extra help to stay their best calm self.’

Megan Elphick

Megan, often known under the social media brand ‘Elphick Event Ponies’, is a producer, eventer and social media influencer.
But more than that she is warm, kind, funny, and utterly relatable in her YouTube vlogs and Instagram pages. 

Here she describes the impact that Premier Calm has had on her horse Jam:

”It’s no secret that Jammy gets very overexcited at events, and even a bit nervous at times. For that reason she was the perfect candidate for Premier Calm, so we’ve been using it as a day to day supplement for her over the past few weeks. Yesterday we trialed upping her dosage before an event, and it made the world of difference. She was noticeably more focused when riding and calmer when waiting in the collecting rings which is where she is normally the most wired. ! The tell tell sign it was working was when she happily munched away on arrival (normally she won’t eat much until after she’s competed) I highly recommend it if your horse is generally a bit stressy, or seems to change when you take them out. I love that you can alter the dosage as and when, and see such a noticeable difference.”

Sophie Seymour

Sophie is a professional rider and trainer based near Badminton, specialising in problem horses.

Sophie set up ‘Roo’s legacy’ following the loss of her beloved horse Roo, in 2020, believing that the only way to cope with his loss was to generously offer one training livery space, for free, to troubled horses whose owners may be at the end of their tether. Sophie still continues to offer this space, giving her time, stabling, and expertise for free – until the horse is happy once again.
Working with a team of equine experts, and a rigorous application process, Sophie has helped many a fractured human and equine relationship go from strength to strength.

Running a very busy training yard, Sophie is an advocate for the very best in equine supplements and says:

”A huge factor in helping train the nervous horses we have in, is the Calming Powder. Whether we use it just for the first week, or first month of training, it really helps to settle them in their temporary home and make them feel more grounded and able to focus on the training and what we are asking of them. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Calli Charles

Surrey based Calli is a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist that runs the online blog and social media platforms Vet Physio Phyle. Her main aim as a veterinary physiotherapist is to promote positive posture in our horses in order to prevent the occurrence of injury; bridging the gap between restrictions in the horse’s body and ways that we can influence and improve negative postural patterns. 

Calli says ‘’I came across Premier Performance in 2019 after I was battling with my PRE’s significant gastric discomfort and inflammation from a rather unsettled past in Spain, and from his change to new life and diet in England. The support from Camilla was outstanding from the very beginning, and after a long emotional chat my first pack of GastroPremier was on its way and delivered within 24 hours (I’m sure Camilla heard the desperation in my voice!). Within 2 days, the difference in my horse was stark – from a horse that was continuously biting, bolting and spending more time on his back legs to a horse that would fall asleep in the sunshine and nuzzle. GastroPremier has been pivotal in my horse’s gut recovery, and I don’t know where either of us would be without it! I recommend this product based on my personal success to clients, and the transformation I have seen in horses bodies from this product is truly heartwarming.’’

Olivia Towers

Before Olivia could even walk she was riding and her passion for Dressage started around the age of 13. Olivia has represented Team GB in Juniors and Young Riders. Olivia is a very successful rider, trainer & coach passionate about inspiring people to improve a positive mindset, self-belief and confidence

Libby is Olivia’s lovely mum. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the care of the horses especially with feeding and any veterinary issues.

Libby is also a very good rider and trainer, having trained many horses up the levels in dressage.

Libby’s feedback about the Premier Performance CZ products:

When I first spoke to Camilla about Eagle he was in a poor condition. However, after 5 weeks on Gastro Premier, you would not ever have known. His weight, top line and temperament changed. He eats all his hard feed and treble the amount of hay. 

We were so impressed with the products that we have put Wilf on it and he is much happier and less likely to blow up at shows. We have never ever witnessed a product like it before and we highly recommend the Premier Performance CZ product range.

Freddy Steele

Freddy is a Natural Horsemanship trainer & Trick Rider having represented Great Britain for many years. He has trained many horses across multiple disciplines helping them become relaxed and understood to then excel in their training and go on to compete at the highest level. Having spent time with thousands of horses over his career, Freddy noticed that many horses needed support in their body as well as their mind and in particular the gastric system.

He found that our Gastropremier provided the perfect support for many horses and combined with training provided an overall rebalance for the horse internally and emotionally. Freddy’s horse is also supported by this supplement allowing them to perform comfortably in shows around the country. 

Team Harding

Lisa, Lauren and Sam Harding are keen equestrians with Mum Lisa, having run her own yard, and daughters Sam & Lauren out competing most weeks. Lauren says:

”We’ve been feeding Gut Ease Powder  for around 6 months now and we’ve seen a real difference in Smokey’s attitude and behaviour. 
After speaking to Camilla and discussing 
his tendency to bite when being groomed and when doing the girth up, we decided to try the Gut Ease Powder. We were then pleasantly surprised when 2 weeks later we could groom and tack up without Smokey becoming agitated. 
We also found the added benefits of the Gut Ease Powder when travelling to competitions, grass flushes and winter to summer routine change.  
With the current grass situation we are reassured by having Smokey on the Gut Ease Powder he is equipped to deal with these sugar spikes internally. 
This powder has made a positive difference in his well being and behaviour and I would recommend to anyone looking for an all round supplement targeting their gut health. 

Tammy Ruffle

Tammy Ruffles is a Dressage rider, teacher and trainer who is very well respected throughout the equestrian world for her skill and dedication to her craft.

Tammy runs and owns Sandale Livery, training and rehabilitation yard in Suffolk and have ridden to Inter 1 and competed and trained many horses up the levels.

Tammy’s feedback about the Premier Performance  Scratch Free Plus

I was so amazed when I tried the Scratch Free product on my young four year old mare, she has really delicate skin but after using the Scratch Free she is so much happier in her own skin. Woodlander Wild Honey has been backed and is in light work, she went to the Futurity show as a two year old, got Higher First Premium and was only 0.5 away from Elite. This young mare can now carry on her career feeling so much more content in her own skin thanks to the Premier Performance Scratch Free product.
I would highly recommend this product, as we know a happy horse means a happy rider!

Eilidh Grant

Eilidh is a professional rider and equestrian coach based at Caskieben Dressage in Aberdeen. Competing at Grand Prix level, Eilidh is a particular fan of our Calming Cookies, Sassy Mare Plus and Energy Powder.

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