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Custom formulas for your horse’s exact needs:

Every horse is different and all horses are at different stages in their training and journey. It is our aim to create a two way conversation with all our customers for the benefit of the horse.

The Blood Test review allows us to create a custom formula especially for your horse to ensure that your horse receives the correct nutritional support based on their individual needs for maximum health and performance. The blood test review will allow us to formulate an effective, powerful, natural and high quality personalised formula for the uniqueness of your horse and its nutritional needs.

The process is simple:

Request your vet to take bloods (a CBC and Full Chemistry Panel is required).

Once bloods have been taken, ask your vet for a copy of them to be sent to you by email.
(We do accept blood results taken within the last 6 months, simply ask your vet for a copy of the report).

Please email the blood test report to and include a brief history about your horse, including what you feed, their routine and any other supplements currently used.

Our expert team will review the report and customise a formula tailored to your horse’s unique nutritional needs.

We will then advise you of the cost and you then decide if you wish to proceed with your Custom Blend

Custom Formulas are great for combining multiple supplements into one formula, based on the blood test, it also an easy and great way to stop feeding multiple supplements. Let us help your horse with a customised supplement specifically designed for your horse.

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