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About Premier Calm

  • Does not sedate or affect gait. Helps towards a more grounded, focused, confident & less flighty horse

  • Developed with vets & leading equine nutritional experts

  • Ideal for horses during any stressful situations that causes anxiety, stress or fear

  • Does not contain soya, valarian, magnesium or tryptophan

  • Innovative formula that is perfect for taking the edge off

  • Powerful everyday supplement formulated with a unique combination of herbs and amino acids

Premier Calm is a powerful everyday supplement. Helps your horse to stay calm, confident and focused without affecting gait or performance. Formulated without soya, the Chia Seed base of Premier Calm offers an alternative to those of you seeking a soya-free diet for your horses.

The Active ingredient L-Tyrosine is a natural mood stabiliser, which can help towards a more focused, confident horse and less anxious horse.

L- Arginine is the active ingredient used by the body to change into Nitric Oxide (NO). Nitric Oxide is a powerful neurotransmitter. As Nitric Oxide levels become greater it can help to deliver the amino acids quicker.

Premier Calm is ideal for horses during stressful situations such as breaking, training, loading, travelling, clipping, racing, outings and competitions or any situation that causes worries, stress or fear.

It is specially designed for those who prefer to administer their calming supplements as a powder. Premier Calm has all the same benefits as Calming Cookies® but a slightly stronger formula with effects still being seen after 8 hours for an average horse. Every horse is different and will metabolise at different rates as well as having pre-existing levels of non-essential amino acids in the body.

Premier Calm has a carefully researched blend to help support a nervous or worried horse to focus and feel confident without affecting their ability to compete. Full range of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids for general health and natural well-being of the digestive system. Contains no Soya.

Premier Calm helps with calming, focus and confidence. We have formulated Premier Calm with ingredients to help settle and calm the stomach.

Chia Seeds are full of Omega 3’s, easy to digest, calming, and help towards healthy skin, coat, mane and hooves. Supports muscle build up.

Premier Calm and Calming Cookies® complement each other and can be fed together if extra support is required.

Contains no fillers, binders or any known prohibited substances as defined by the FEI.

Instructions for use

1 scoop (30ml) = 18g

Premier Calm has a powerful solution. A loading dose is recommended for 5 days.
The effects of the Premier Calm are more predictable and consistent when fed regularly and twice a day. If needed can be topped up every 3 hours and a total of 6 Servings can be given a day. Mix with feed. Do not pre-mix with water for a long period of time.

Per 500kg horse, administer 1 level scoop in the morning. Some horses may benefit from a serving of Premier Calm in the evening if extra support is needed. Mix with feed. Can be syringed by mixing with a little water to form a paste.

Can be fed alongside the Calming Cookies®.

For difficult behaviours a loading dose for up to 10 days is recommended. The effects of the Premier Calm are more predictable and consistent when fed regularly and twice a day.

Loading dose feeding rate

Weight of Horse:

  • Under 500kg: ¾ scoop twice a day
  • 500kg – 600kg: 1 scoop twice a day
  • 600kg : 2 scoops twice a day

Maintenance feeding rate

Weight of Horse:

  • Under 500kg: ¾ scoop once a day
  • 500kg – 600kg: 1 scoop once a day
  • 600kg : 2 scoops once a day


Chia Seed, Flax Seed, Himalayan Salt, Zeolite, Zinc Gluconate, Choline Bitartrate, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine,
Amino Acids L-Tyrosine (3c401) (90.9g per kg), L- Arginine (3c361) Peppermint leaf powder, Fenugreek, Vitamin C (Ascorbic), Vitamin E, (DL Alpha Tocopherol Acetate), Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B5 (D-Calcium Pantothenate), Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide Crystalline), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin D3.

Nutritional Analysis

  • Total Oil – 19.06%
  • Crude Protein – 27.0%
  • Crude Fibre – 10.1%
  • Crude Ash – 9.9%
  • Sodium – 1.67%
  • Sugar as sucrose – 2.92%
  • Starch – <0.5

Customer Reviews

  1. Been using the Premier Calm for a number of months now and the difference in my pony is amazing, so much calmer and more focused. He still spooks but will now think before he reacts. The customer support is amazing, they don’t try and sell you a product if they don’t think you need it and offer a quick and reassuring response. Cannot recommend Premier Performance with their Premier Calm and cookies enough.


  2. My mare has been really difficult and Sharp over the winter , mainly because of restricted turnout, I was having put her on horse walker and lunge her before attempting to get on , I’ve had her in this calmer for 4 weeks now and I just tack up and get on now . She’s still on restricted turnout but she’s much more chilled out .

    Mellisa hiron

  3. 2 weeks ago my very sharpe youngster nearly had us on the floor in the middle of the road. I put him on Premier Calm and 7 days into the loading dose I took him back out for the first time and what an incredible difference! He was still excited but at a level I would consider normal, instead of completely over the top! He was rideable and listened to me and we could work through any issues. His whole attitude has changed and I’ve lost the over the top cocky teenager and gained a horse who’s prepared to work with me. I’ve tried a few products on the market but none have given the results this has. I can’t thank Premier Performance enough for the help and guidance and for giving me the wonderful horse I knew was in there!


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